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Portable Chef is an award-winning personal chef service based in New York City. We source ingredients from small family farms that are grown the right way - without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, or cruelty - and we cook them to your specifications. We can meet any diary requirements and any 

Portable Chef has been rated one of NYC's top meal delivery services by Vogue, CBS, TimeOut New York, Gothamist, and Well + Good, and is the only meal delivery service to be awarded Slow Food NYC's Snail of Approval for quality, sustainability, and authenticity.

It's four easy steps to get meals custom-made for your tastes and needs. And #3 is "Relax," so I'm not even sure that counts as a step at all!

So let's get delicious! Go here to pick your plan.

Are you just itching to tell us about your food preferences first? Or do you just like doing things differently? Feel free to jump ahead to Step Two right here, you rebel - just be sure to come back and pick your meal plan later!