About us

Portable Chef is a personal chef service.  We prepare meals to suit individual tastes and dietary requirements and delivers them, fully cooked and apportioned; clients warm up and enjoy at their convenience. Ingredients sourcing is a passion and priority: all meat, and over 90% of produce, is sourced from small family farms who grow their food the right way - no chemicals, and livestock raised living the good life on pasture.

Portable Chef has been named among New York City’s best meal delivery services by TimeOut New YorkCBSGothamistVogue, and Well+Good, and is the first meal delivery service to be awarded Slow Food NYC’s Snail of Approval for quality, sustainability, and authenticity.

Clients typically communicate their food preferences - their likes and dislikes, plus any dietary requirements or goals - one time, updating only as often as they like, and then don’t have to think about anything or even lift a finger to order as custom-prepared meals are delivered to their door. This makes it easy to follow specific diets or simply to ensure healthy and delicious meals are always available. 

Portable Chef operates out of a central commercial kitchen in Upper Manhattan. In contrast with conventional personal chefs, who cook out of clients’ kitchens, Portable Chef offers the convenience and privacy of having meals prepared outside the clients’ home. And the food is better; use of professional kitchen equipment and tools, and a better workspace than a New York City apartment kitchen tends to offer, helps a lot. We’re also really good cooks.

Portable Chef was founded in 2009 by Uri Attia who, suddenly rendered jobless and broke in the wake of the financial crisis, set up shop as a personal chef while sorting out what to do next. Eight years and three kitchens later, Portable Chef, now a team of five, is still at it. 

Portable Chef’s kitchen is located in East Harlem in Manhattan, and delivers throughout New York City, the Hudson Waterfront, and lucky residents of a few other nearby spots. We ship by UPS to customers farther afield upon request.