Lunch and dinner, 7 days

Lunch and dinner, 7 days

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Lunch and dinner every day, and you're basically set. You know what I mean? You work out a quick something for breakfast and some snacks, and you've got that whole food thing handled. Minimal muss, minimal fuss.


We get everything we can from small organic family farms. All meats are sourced from livestock raised on pasture. Meals are prepared according to your specific likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements (we'll get to your meal preferences after we pick your plan). Delivered to you fully cooked and apportioned - you just warm up and enjoy.

If more than one person is dining, change quantities at checkout. 

Would you like to customize your food preferences before ordering? Right this way. 

Any other questions, or would you just rather have someone help you out in person? Drop us a line.